Are you looking to start a new blog in 2017?

It’s never too late, In fact I procrastinated a long time (3 full years) before actually starting my blog 10 years ago and I have never looked back. Since then I have launched more than a few popular blogs (Australian tech blog, Blogging tips blog + how to start a website blog) as a hobby and also for commercial purposes.

Starting a wordpress website with software and bluehost screenshot 63 k

When I first started my blog things were very different, there was no easy 1 click install to make a blog, there was no easy plugins to do SEO for your blog to bring in more traffic, there was no Free domain name deals available with purchasing a hosting account, and prices were not as cheap for hosting.

Things have changed dramatically for the better and creating a website have become a much easier job for you and new bloggers.

What you need to start a blog website?

To create a WP Blog – If I am to keep it simple , I would say you need a domain name , a hosting service and good wordpress theme and this is to start a self- hosted wordpress (in short WP) blog .

If you want to start without investing any money then a free service like blogger or tumblr would be more appropriate who provide free blogging. These free services do come with their own restrictions though.

Building a Blog Quickly in #3 steps  :

If you want to start a blog quickly, it can be done in just three steps. 3 steps blog

It can be done by Choosing your Free domain name and installing a blog with 1 click install with bluehost , then writing your first post and then just clicking the publish button  to go live.

The 1’st part (installing  a blog) can take the most time out of these 3 steps,  but can also be done in 10 minutes or less. More resources and detailed step by step guide  to install a wordpress blog is listed below.

Blogging with Free platforms 

I have used these free services initially and I would definitely suggest that you start up with a self hosted WP blog rather than a free blog service if you are seriously about creating a blog, getting  more traffic and possibly also looking  forward to earn some revenue in the future from your website.


The free service has restrictions not only in functionality, but also has many policies that you need to be aware of and your site can get banned if you go against any these policies. ( I had this happen to one of my blogger blogs and lost all my content that I had created for some years on that blog)

starting a blog with free blogs vs self hosted

[different blogging platforms chart]

With a self-hosted wp blog, you own the blog and name of your website – and you can change the design and look in a few clicks. They have 1,000 + of freely available wordpress theme designs or cheap word press paid theme designs.

With a WP blog you can enhance the functionality like accept payments via your blog , make an online web store (ecommerce) with your word-press blog and add many custom plugins to have additional functions in a click of a button.

A Wp theme or plugin can be installed in minutes and there are thousands of free and paid plugins and themes available online

Some of the top Companies like CNN, Harvard Business Review, Sony TV,MTV News , BBC America and many more use wordpress on their websites

Coming back to the point

You are patient if you have read on so far … Sorry to go off topic, but when I write I tend to babble on. So coming back to the point, what you need to start a blog?

Hosting companies like Bluehost, Godaddy and Hostmonster have made it easy and now they offer a Free domain name + hosting account and that is pretty much what you need to start a blog with the word-press software.

They provide a 1 click install with this hosting option purchased to make things easier, and you can set up a blog in pretty much 10 to15 mins with this method.

It’s just click, click n click and your blog is installed and ready to go. Most popular hosting companies provide the popular blog /website software free with their hosting account.

As I said before, I have already put together great resources to help your start your new blog on this website as well as my other blogs. Below are links to free domain plus hosting offers, $1 dollar Domain name offers and much more.

The links below will help you choose the best hosting company for your new blog, step by step tutorial on how to start a wordpress website and also other resources which might help you further.

1. Godaddy Discounts Page –

2. Comparison of Top Webhosting Providers 2017 –

3. Step by step guide to starting a blog –

The whole process for starting a website with wordpress and bluehost can take anywhere from 5 minutes to 15 minutes, depending on how you go.

Take action today.

Check out a step by step guide to install a wordpress blog here.


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Wish you all the best and let me know how you go either by commenting on my blog here or emailing me.

Good luck!