How to make a wordpress blog with bluehost in minutes

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This is a quick install tutorial to get your started building a wordpress website in minutes with bluehost hosting in 2017.

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So, are you wondering how to start a blog? I’m so glad you’re here! My aim is to explain the necessary steps to get you started with a good and successful blogging start, no technical experience required.

Why bluehost hosting – because its easy – they got 1 click install and they are a good affordable and reliable hosting provider!



With bluehost you dont need a domain,as you get a free domain name when you purchase a hosting plan with them, so all you need is to setup your blog and get started.

Website hosting plans start from as low as $2.95 a plan up to $7.99 a month


Purchase hosting for your blog

Why choose bluehost, because they are a well known name in the hosting niche  and provide good support. Below area some more reasons and features that you can check out.


  • Bluehost web hosting offers technical support and 24/7 live chat
  • They are easy to use, Yes, anyone can create a WordPress blog easily with this quick tutorial I have given below. Bluehost makes it super easy to create a WordPress blog.
  • You get a FREE blog domain.
  • Bluehost is extremely affordable and they offer cheap web hosting. If you are lucky when they have their specials their cheap blog hosting offers are just $2.95 per month when they are on.
  • Reliability. Bluehost’s server facilities are world class. They have their own data center and they build our own servers. Their headquarters includes over 50,000 square feet of office space, a custom-built 20,000-square-foot data center, and enough backup generators to power a city.


So you can start below  with our guide


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The best bluehost hosting plans  for 2017


1. Pick a Hosting plan

hosting plans for 2016





2.Click select /Next step Pick a domain name

If you already purchased your domain somewhere else like, don’t worry, because Bluehost will provide you the information you will need for easily transferring your domain.



Tips for choosing a domain name:

  • Go with a .com where possible.
  • Make it easy to say, spell and remember.
  • Don’t include hyphens, numbers, or confusing strings of words.
  • Make it unique/standout
  • Be creative and try a phrase if you’re having trouble finding an available name.

choose your domain name



3. Next step / Enter your registration information

bluehost form





Next choose your hosting plan & period of plan

choose your hosting plan and period





Then enter payment details, bluehost accepts only credit cards for payment.

green submit button


Tick mark I agree to terms and conditions and then click green submit button

Done !


The rest is also as easy as this  because once you click submit, You will go to another page and they will ask you to provide a password , do remember this password for login later

Here are a couple of great resources to learn more about WordPress:

Install WordPress

If you want to start a WordPress blog on Bluehost then continue reading for next steps.

Bluehost makes it very easy to create a WordPress blog and it is FREE.

  • Login with your login details  to cpanel. When you are in your cPanel , find and click on the image that says “One Click Install.”
  • Next, click on the WordPress icon on the next page located under “Blogs.”
  • Click the “Start” button. This will begin the installation.
  • Once in the installation process, you will have to decide which domain you will want to install WordPress on. Click the dropdown menu to the domain you plan on using. If you just started a new account there will only be one
  • Now, you will see “Advanced Options.” This is where you choose your username and password for your WordPress website. ( i recommend that you Don’t use the default “Admin” as your username to beef up security further from hackers You will want to check “Automatically create a new database for this installation”
  • Click “Install Now.”
  • Remember to save your username and password.


You now have a brand new wordPress blog and you are officially a blogger.

Now begins the hard work, creating awesome content in your niche  better than most of the other blogs and   getting the right SEO and backlinks to your blog . Do these right and you are on your way to blogging success.

Good luck!

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