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Get Google 5 star reviews the easy way – Make A Web

By November 23, 2016makeweb

This trick should get you awesome Google 5 star reviews, with a little bit of elbow grease.  It involves just appending a url and copying and pasting for getting 5 star reviews on Google.

5 star reviews from google

Google reviews hold a lot of value for traffic and SEO to your website and blog  and that what’s we are all about, I write about SEO , building blogs and  how to get traffic and monetize your blog or website and even compare hosting prices. Below is an easy hack to get reviews from the google reviewing system and getting your business or website to 5 star level. Read on..

Google Reviews Ha#k

Now I want to talk about Google Reviews. We’ve told you before about the importance of getting Google Reviews. During the week, one of my amazing crew, Courtney, pointed out a neat way for people to easily leave a review just by sending them a link in your email.

A great way to increase your click through rate especially in local search, is to have 5 star reviews on your local listings. You won’t see stars appearing until you have at least five reviews. Here’s a great technique to enable that.

Step 1 – Google Account

Login into your Google account.

Step 2 – Brand Search Your brand/website

Do a search that brings up your brand’s Google Knowledge Panel. Usually just your brand name or website name or person name  will bring this up.

I have taken this restaurant just as a random listing and this hack has nothing to do with the casa mono website . (Look at arrows on pic  for the  intended urls Used)

casa mono knowledge graph hack for seo with reviews 2016

Step 3 – Review Box  for Url

Click on write a review. Then you’ll see this panel pop up.

google 5 star review hack freereviews

Step 4 – Append/Edit  the  URL

Grab the URL and add the no.5 to the end of it and hit enter.

Step 5 – Shorten and Share

You should now see the screen with 5 stars filled in. Grab the URL and just leave the stuff in that we need. For eg. here’s what Google gave me.


All you actually need is for the url to be like this https://www.google.com/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=casa%20mono&lrd=0x89c2599f606cdd51:0x8ed7490789a74a46,3,5

So delete the bit after the search phrase but before the # hash tag. Voila! You’re done! ( this part might  need to be a bit modified based on which country  you are ,  as urls get appended differently – so keep trying  to append it until you get the result you want )

Start sharing. This works on Chrome & Firefox.

It does not work on Safari. I have not tested IE or any other browsers.

Let me know how you go and leave a comment if you run into any problems or find something new.

# you will need some  a Google account/youtube account  for this to work


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