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Today I purchased a job related domain name for 32% off. I was discussing a  job with  a colleague and  got an idea, so decided to buy a aussie domain name.  I was in search for an aussie domain name with the word “jobs” in it. I found a suitable name with the dot com dot au extension.

Godaddy Prices compared with Aussie domain name providers

As I recommend godaddy and have been using them for a long time I went to check them out and see what prices are like in 2017.

Here is the sweet deal I got

jobs domain name godaddy

I searched for s suitable name and found one which cost me $11.45 a year.

As Australian domain name registration’s need a minimum two year registration I had to pay $22.90 for a 2year registration for this domain name. Its still cheap compared to some other domain names you find out there. You won’t get a deal sweeter than that for an aussie domain.

Find your domain name with godaddy now – here

How they fared with dot com au domain names

Just to compare what prices are like on other websites for an  au domain, I gave it a go on these websites below – Check it out

digital pacific


Did a search on digital pacific here are the results

results for digital prices

Who wants to fly, digital pacific was also giving me Qantas 75 business rewards points with my domain name rego.


Domain Registration Services is a wholly owned and operated Australian Domain Name Registrar

This is the price i got for Domain registration. They didnt give me a price for the particualr domain i was searching , but told me to register first with their website. But the prices were lsited as below

DR 2 YRS per domain licence.


crazy domainscrazy enough prices for rego

Here are their prices ( not bad)

not bad pricing from crazy domains

They came up with a pretty good pricing  but still just a couple of cents  pricier than  godaddy. I prefer godaddy as they have cheap hosting and  much more streamlined interface for doing things in the admin area.


teh melbourne it logo

I was expecting them to be cheaper than this at the  least , but lordy dordy , – here are their price compared to godaddy right  below  this image.

prices for domains from melbourne it

The total bill for my  2 year domain name purchase  was $22.90


godaddy pricing australiaYou can also make use of the 32% discount by using  the code shown in picture which will get applied by clicking this link here.

If you want  to  claim it by using the discount promo coupon , click here and then  when you go to check out –apply this coupon code  GCAUE99D

The good thing with godaddy is you also get a website builder free for the first month to test things out .  But i usually use wordpress CMS  for my websites, from their hosting options which is free to me as I have purchased  their  $1 hosting account with them too.

godaddy website builder free for 1st month

I would suggest you do the same as  wordpress is the easiest website building software you can use to build and maintain a website.

Good luck with your domain name hunting!

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