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How my Dreamhost Hosting account almost got hacked

By | makeweb

When I got this email from dreamhost hosting I went into panic mode. Because on the first glance this email looked pretty authentic as if it came from  Dreamhost hosting. I am with Dreamhost-hosting for some of my blogs and websites  and I had just got an email from them saying that I had requested to reset my admin password on my hosting account.

secure yourwebsitehttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phishing

I was pretty sure I did not do that at all, so I went into panic mode thinking somebody was trying to mess around. I knew there were hackers out there that exploited similar type of flaws in some login pages and wordpress websites  to gain access to your account, and so I panicked even more without checking the urls of the pages mentioned in the email.

Here is snapshot of the email i received


email from dreamhost servers not


phishing email from scammers

As you can see from above image

    • Email in inbox looks genuine
    • Sent fromemail looks genuine
    • Broken logo image is a bit of a giveaway of scammers
    • Url that has extension of wkpc.net is scammer giveaway as official website is https://www.dreamhost.com/
    • signature url for website has two .com.com in url  ..(spelling mistakes often made by scammers)


Website Security: Avoid Clicking On Suspect Emails

Turns out it was a “phishing attempt” as confirmed by Dreamhost support which was pretty prompt in getting back tome  I got a reply within 12 hours  telling me it was a scammer and not click any urls in that email. Wish  their response was a little bit quicker, but it turned out to be a phishing attack anyway, and i had not clicked any urls or attempted to reset  my password using that  emails links so  I was safe

I am pretty well versed with security IT and computers so I just panicked and failed to find out the flaws in the scam/fraud email in first glance. Which was really very evident , these scammers went one step further than most, the first thing I usually check with scam emails is the sent from email, which is pretty easy to do with Hotmail. Just click more details under the email button and it show you the senders email address.

Normally scammers email will default to some Hotmail , gmail address Or anything with random 1320-@hotmail.con address email rather than an official website address email. This ender email had a domain similar to my hosting account provider address, ( starting with dreamhost)but except that this one had a .net extension rather than a .com in the end .

dreamhost hosting 2016 (2)

Anyway just to make sure before i clicked any links in that email , I immediately forwarded that email to dreamhost with the page/email content, and the normal  ticket support came back to me later that day with response it was a phishing email . I had also sent a email to abuse dreamhost support email , and they came back to me later next day confirming that it was scammer email.

Turns out it was good, that I did not click that link and reset my password otherwise those scammers would have my real login email/password  and got access to all my websites. Thanks Dreamhost for the awesome support . I Have been with dream host for the last 7+ years now with some good service and support  from them , I rank them pretty high up there now with my other hosting service that I use like Bluehost, Hostmonster, Godaddy and Hostgator. You can go check out their (dreamhost  prices over here ) if you are interested in starting a blog, they also now have 1 click quick install for starting a website.

However  what i realised from this is , there will always be online criminals or hackers trying to get into your website for all the wrong reasons, and so it is also good to take a few precautions and beef up your website security.

Below are some good security plugins that you can use for you wordpress website to increase the security for your website. These word press plugins is good at  making it harder for unwanted people/criminal  trying to access your blog illegally , but you still have to be very careful that you don’t click links in fraud emails and send  your login and password  to scammers like these.

Security plugins for your wordpress website


Sucuri wordpess plugin


The Sucuri WordPress Security plugin is a security toolset for security integrity monitoring, malware detection and security hardening.

The Settings page allows you to configure the website to your preferred security needs. Some of it’s features include changing the email notifications, via the notification settings tab or disabling integrity checking

Wordfence wordpress plugin


Secure your website with the Wordfence security plugin for WordPress. Wordfence provides free enterprise-class WordPress security. Wordfence Security is 100% free and open source. You can find thier official documentation at docs.wordfence.com and our Frequently Asked Questions on our support portal at support.wordfence.com.

The Wordfence WordPress security plugin is full-featured and constantly updated to incorporate the latest security features and to hunt for the newest security threats to your WordPress website.

Login lockdown


login lockdown for wordpress security

Limits the number of login attempts from a given IP range within a certain time period.

Installation of login lockdown

  1. Extract the zip file into your plugins directory into its own folder.
  2. Activate the plugin in the Plugin options.
  3. Customize the settings from the Options panel, if desired.

Login LockDown records the IP address and timestamp of every failed login attempt. If more than a certain number of attempts are detected within a short period of time from the same IP range, then the login function is disabled for all requests from that range.

Good Luck and stay Safe!

Whats new with dreamhost  ?

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Get Google 5 star reviews the easy way – Make A Web

By | makeweb

This trick should get you awesome Google 5 star reviews, with a little bit of elbow grease.  It involves just appending a url and copying and pasting for getting 5 star reviews on Google.

5 star reviews from google

Google reviews hold a lot of value for traffic and SEO to your website and blog  and that what’s we are all about, I write about SEO , building blogs and  how to get traffic and monetize your blog or website and even compare hosting prices. Below is an easy hack to get reviews from the google reviewing system and getting your business or website to 5 star level. Read on..

Google Reviews Ha#k

Now I want to talk about Google Reviews. We’ve told you before about the importance of getting Google Reviews. During the week, one of my amazing crew, Courtney, pointed out a neat way for people to easily leave a review just by sending them a link in your email.

A great way to increase your click through rate especially in local search, is to have 5 star reviews on your local listings. You won’t see stars appearing until you have at least five reviews. Here’s a great technique to enable that.

Step 1 – Google Account

Login into your Google account.

Step 2 – Brand Search Your brand/website

Do a search that brings up your brand’s Google Knowledge Panel. Usually just your brand name or website name or person name  will bring this up.

I have taken this restaurant just as a random listing and this hack has nothing to do with the casa mono website . (Look at arrows on pic  for the  intended urls Used)

casa mono knowledge graph hack for seo with reviews 2016

Step 3 – Review Box  for Url

Click on write a review. Then you’ll see this panel pop up.

google 5 star review hack freereviews

Step 4 – Append/Edit  the  URL

Grab the URL and add the no.5 to the end of it and hit enter.

Step 5 – Shorten and Share

You should now see the screen with 5 stars filled in. Grab the URL and just leave the stuff in that we need. For eg. here’s what Google gave me.


All you actually need is for the url to be like this https://www.google.com/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=casa%20mono&lrd=0x89c2599f606cdd51:0x8ed7490789a74a46,3,5

So delete the bit after the search phrase but before the # hash tag. Voila! You’re done! ( this part might  need to be a bit modified based on which country  you are ,  as urls get appended differently – so keep trying  to append it until you get the result you want )

Start sharing. This works on Chrome & Firefox.

It does not work on Safari. I have not tested IE or any other browsers.

Let me know how you go and leave a comment if you run into any problems or find something new.

# you will need some  a Google account/youtube account  for this to work


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The dreaded 508 Resource limit is reached and 500 internal error from your wordpress blog

By | makeweb

You have done all the handwork and set up your wordpress blog, you even managed to make it popular and get a steady stream of traffic and then this happens. An internal or server error shows up and  f***s it all up.

the geeky error chick for wordpress  misconfig  403

[img from techmynd.com]

Here are some of the standard culprits

Check out our knowledgebase of errors below

  • 508 Resource Limit Is Reached

  • 403 Forbidden Error

  • 500 Internal Server Error

  • wordpress error establishing a database connection

  • "Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Please check back in a minute."

Apparently these errors  can not only happen with  a standard wordpess install on a self hosted server with hosting companies like godaddy, bluehost , hostgator   but also on localhost, xampp install and due to debug errors.

Some tips on How to fix these errors

403 Forbidden Errors

The 403 error is easy to fix , it happens because of this

For security reasons, our servers will not allow browser access to a directory which does not contain an index file (i.e. index.php, index.html, etc…)

Just input an index page in this directory  and this will  get fixed , the page needs to be named  eitehr index.html or  index.php

508 resources limit have been used up

The error message you get

“508 Resource Limit Is Reached”

The 508 is a message from your hosting company that you have used up too much of your resources, it could be bandwidth or space but more likely bandwidth. This can be caused by dodgy plugins using bandwidth wrongly or if your site is really popular (quite unlikely) or then just other people on you shared server using too much bandwidth and you getting blamed. These can also include CPU usage, RAM usage and/or the number of concurrent processes running under your hosting account.

This can also be caused by Website traffic spikes – If your site experiences high peaks in inbound or outbound traffic it can exceed allocated resources. If this is a regular occurrence we would recommend considering an upgrade to a Virtual Dedicated Server, where no such limits are in place

You will need to contact your hosting company to know what exactly it is.

img from http://web-patterns.net/

500 Internal Server Error – This can be a dangerous one

The error message you get

“The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.”

I have had this error on my websites a couple of times and it’s dangerous because your site id down and it can take time to fix. It can mainly happen due to a misconfiguration in your server, you updated a poorly coded WordPress theme or a wordpress plugin or even a wordpress or related update.

Sometimes this also happens when your hosting company updates their stuff on the server

WordPress error establishing a database connection

If you get a page featuring the message "Error Establishing Database Connection," this means that there is a problem with the connection to your database and there could be a number of reasons for this. The following are possible reasons and solutions. From wordpress.org

So basically what this means is that the connection is not being established with your database , This happened once to me when I changes a couple of passwords and for some reason the database password did not get updated so it wasn’t connecting to the database . Scan your site with Sucuri SiteCheck to ensure that it hasn’t been compromised or hacked

This could also happen if your wpconfig file has got messed up or than your site has been hacked and password ben changed.

404 baby

When you can’t connect to your webmail or cPanel

Error message

“Cannot connect to webmail or cPanel”

If you can’t access webmail or cPanel of your hosting account but you’re still able to access your domain’s website, it could be your internal network’s firewall is blocking port 2095 for webmail and port 2082 for cPanel.

Try this solution



Note: replace "domainname.com.au" with your actual domain name

Website is Unavailable due to scheduled maintenance

You get this error message

"Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Please check back in a minute."

This happens often when your website has just been upgraded or your wordpress theme has just been upgraded or a plugin upgraded etc. and lasts just a couple of seconds normally , which means the server is just a bit slow and still doping the upgrade that you just clicked for or which is being done by the hosting company.

Your site going down and  errors popping up  could be a major pain in the ***. Hope i could help you in some way with this limited  information, if you have any  tips or new information  that  could  help others please contribute in  comments or  by emailing me  through contact page. much appreciated!

On the lighter side here are some funny error messages pics

your screwed error windows

your windows is radioactive computer

anotehr funny loading win pic

error error on the wall

funny loading pic error  for pc laptop